Before purchasing a horse, many buyers request a pre-purchase examination.  This exam determines the health of the horse at the time of the exam and assesses the probability that the horse is capable of performing the intended use.  This allows the buyer to make an informed decision on whether to buy the horse.

A full prepurchase exam includes a complete general physical exam as well as palpation and manipulation of the limbs, flexion tests, hoof and hoof tester exam, and observation of the horse at all gaits on a variety of different surfaces, looking for lameness or asymmetry.

Depending on the value of the horse and the wishes of the buyer, further tests may be performed such as blood work, Xrays, ultrasound, endoscopy, and/or drug screens.

We offer full examinations prior to purchase for all types of horses, from the casual trail riding horse to the Olympic calibre competitor.  Purchase exams may be performed on an ambulatory basis or at the clinic.  Our facility encompasses a wide variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces which allow us to fully assess the horse's soundness and way of going.  Our well equipped hospital allows us to offer a full range of diagnostic services.

Okanagan Equine Veterinary Horse Services is located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Central Okanagan. We offer an equine hospital, equine reproduction, breeding and stallion collection plus semen evaluation facility.