Advanced diagnostic services include:

  • Digital and Plain Film Radiography
  • Videoendoscopy
  • Gastroscopy
  • Soft Tissue Ultrasound - Tendons, Ligaments, Chest, Abdomen, Reproductive

Our Kodiak Computerized Radiography (CR) System allows us to obtain a digitalized radiograph that can be manipulated on a diagnostic station for increased accuracy and diagnostic detail.

Okanagan Equine provides video endoscopy of the upper airway as well as gastroscopy for evaluation of the lower esophagus and stomach.  As well, the longer scope can be used to examine the lower bronchial tree and the entire uterus.

Okanagan Equine Veterinary Horse Services is located in Kelowna, British Columbia, Central Okanagan. We offer an equine hospital, equine reproduction, breeding and stallion collection plus semen evaluation facility.